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Gertie Theodora Holster
11 September
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I am older then I look but younger then I feel. I am an atheist that prays naked each night before I go to bed. I pick flowers because I think they look pretty and then forget about them and leave them to die on the ground. I keep a copy of Le Petit Prince with me at all times in the hope that one day i shall find someone who can translate it for me. I both cry and laugh at the smallest things. I read Shakespeare and Mem Fox out loud to myself. I did not enjoy school but consider it the most thrilling time in our lives, when people sit-down and present you with knowledge with which to feed your hungry brain. I am a writhing mass of contradictions and extremely happy being so.

A note from the creator: Unfortunately, Gertie Holster is a fictional character created by me, reulf. However, and this is the important part people, she is 50 times more interesting then me, 50 times cooler and 49 times more alternative. For her life I steal stories from myself, my friends, people I see on the street and my imagination and gift them to you in the form of her journal.

To her, I have given everything that i want to have myself. She is a random, distracted spirit who constantly says more then she means too, loves passionately and indiscriminately, enjoys writing with chalk on the pavement and insists that humans created God and not the other way around.

She is my distracted Deity. Please let her be yours.

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